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For Busy People
Meal Delivery Nutritional Program
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4 Meal Plan Options
Busy Bee Diets Will Guide You Every Step Of The Way!

Unlike Nutrisystem, E Diets, and Jenny Craig our meals are prepared FRESH daily. No warehouse storing, no high sodium content, perspectives, or MSGs. Busy Bee Diets is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight safely. We do all the cooking. No need to prepare complicated meals, NO SHOPPING, no guessing what to eat, no calories to count, no sparatic eating. You just eat your proper caloric intake meal, enjoy the taste, love the variety, and watch the pounds fall off. Everything you need is included. It's like having your own personal dietitian and chef! 

Being involved in your lifestyle change will ensure that you continue healthy habits on your own once your desired goal is reached with Busy Bee Diets.

Because breakfast is one of the easiest meals to prepare we empower you
to incorporate preparing this meal daily on your own using Busy Bee's Breakfast Diet Plans. This will assist you in taking control of your new healthy lifestyle. But if you simply need us to prepare your breakfast as well we will be happy to do so!  
Busy Bee Benefits
Fresh & Prepared Daily

Low-Fat Meals Plans

Balanced & Portioned 

 Low-Carb Meals Plans

Weight Loss Program

Healthy Lifestyle Program

Meal Variety.

*Lose 2-5 lbs per week.*
*When combined with an exercise plan.

Lose Double The Weight 
By Adding An Exercise Program!!!
100% Money Back 
John Lost 28
Pounds in 8
Weeks and Is 
No Longer On 
Cholesterol or
High Blood Pressure 
  4 Day Plan: (4) Lunch & (4) Dinner 
    8 Complete Meals per Week

4 Day Plan: Snack, (4) Lunch, Snack, & (4) Dinner
8 Complete Meals per Week
8 Snacks per Week

5 Day Plan: (5) Lunch & (5) Dinner
10 Complete Meals per Week

5 Day Plan: Snack, (5) Lunch, Snack, & (5) Dinner
10 Complete Meals per Week
10 Snacks per Week